Together we can Make a Difference Through the Power of the Horse! image

Together we can Make a Difference Through the Power of the Horse!

Want to Help a Person in Need? Sponsor a Peer Suffering from Addiction, Depression, Suicide, Trauma and other Life Situations. ​

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Together we can Make a Difference!

Our Mission:

Horses Healing Hearts is committed to providing physical, social, emotional and behavioral Growth and Wellness in a safe and compassionate environment through Equine-Assisted Programs that building life skills and resiliency. Our approach utilizes horses' intuitive nature to enhance the quality of life for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We believe in sharing our love of horses and their power to change lives by giving participants the opportunity to work alongside these majestic creatures through our programs and workshops.

What Others are Saying:

The "Authentic You Women's Workshop" was an amazing experience. The women who run this workshop are funny, caring, compassionate and truly create a space where you feel welcome, comfortable and empowered. Although I love horses, I don't have much experience with them. Despite being a bit skeptical about what a horse could really teach me, I was awed at how much I learned through them. It was truly magical. Approximately nine months later, I am still finding that I am learning things from this experience as I reflect back. I made some amazing connections with other women as we supported each other throughout the weekend. I would highly recommend this fun, informative, uplifting and inspiring course for any woman who is struggling to find herself. The course and the women who teach it are one of a kind.


Learning these skills by working with horses optimizes team performance with improved understanding and collaboration. It Provides managers and teams the opportunity to align their innate desire for strong performance with their actual results.

Gregg Smith

A fantastic program overall from the planning right through to the time we had to say goodbye. The opportunity to customize a learning program that focused on the key core competencies that help our employees be successful was extremely valuable. Overall this learning will be remembered and retained unlike classroom sessions.

Colin Merrick - Black Diamond Group, LTD.

“Our last day was so much fun! The program for the day was Red Light Green Light which was about focus and moving forward in life, while learning to pay attention to our surroundings. We had to work our way through the obstacles while keeping an eye on our goal. This concept had a powerful impact on us as we can apply it to so many places in our lives."

Program Participant

“I learned that it's all about communication. I won’t be able to release past trauma without being able to communicate my pain with my team, family and friends. It's something I will bring in to my next relationship. I have never been much at communicating but we can’t go forward in a relationship if we don’t communicate and stay on the same page. The horses taught me that."

Program Participant